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12 Household Items to Keep Away from Your Cat


It’s every pet owner’s worst nightmare: your cat has eaten something you believe may make them unwell. Every year countless calls are made to vets regarding cats of all ages whose owners fear for their safety. But to protect our feline friends, you can always make your house more cat-friendly by removing or placing dangerous items away from your pet in the first place. Here’s a list of 12 common household items you’ll want to keep out of paws reach:

1. Plants

If you decide to bring any plants into your home, do your research beforehand. This way you ensure the plant isn’t a danger to your cat. Azaleas, scheffleras, and rhododendrons are just a few examples of plants that are poisonous to cats.

2. Medication

It’s best to store any human medications in a cabinet. Common ingredients like Acetaminophen can kill your pet in even the smallest doses. Also remember, while it may be tempting, if your cat isn’t feeling well you should never share human medications with them. Instead, take them to the vet. They will give them proper medication that isn’t poisonous to them.

3. Dental Floss

Another hazardous product is dental floss. Your cat may mistake it for a toy, but if they attempt to swallow and eat it, floss can cause severe damage to their digestive tract.

4. Rubber Bands

While they may be a common office item, rubber bands also offer a tantalizing toy for cats. However, just like floss, eating one can cause harm to your puss, often requiring costly visits to the veterinarian.

5. Plastic Grocery Bags

Many of us save our grocery bags after we’ve returned home from the supermarket. However, they’re tempting for felines to play with, which may result in suffocation. Be sure to store your bags somewhere where they can’t get to them.

6. Batteries

While it doesn’t happen often, cats may want to chew on batteries from time to time. This can result in painful ulcers and other harm to your pet. Keep them safely stowed away in a drawer.

7. Tinsel

When Christmas comes around we all like our homes to look festive. But tinsel is another temptation for cats to play with which, if eaten, can cause damage to their digestive systems.

8. Chocolate

Many people know not to give this treat to dogs, but did you also know it’s poisonous to your cat too? It’s best to keep the chocolate for yourself – which is no bad thing!

9. Antifreeze

Because it tastes sweet to cats, antifreeze – along with some oils and windshield de-icing liquids – is enticing to felines. However, even a small amount will cause irreparable harm to your moggy so make sure that you store it safely.

10. Toilet Cleaners

You might think your feline friend is safe because you store your cleaners out of reach. However, also be sure to keep the seat down too. Cats may attempt to drink water from the loo, but if water has been treated with cleaners, it may do them harm.

11. Detergent

Any clothing cleaners should also be placed out of sight so cats don’t accidentally eat some of them. Cats like to chew and they may ingest them accidently.

12. Grapes and raisins

Unbelievably, these tiny little fruits can cause kidney failure for cats. Don’t give them grape juice either for the same reason.