About PetShelf

Richard Fry & Gilly Voute the company directors are owned by Ozzie. Ozzie is miniature poodle cross Bichon and what a character, he is the resident office dog who loves walks, sleeping on the desk and is obsessed with his tennis ball.

Charlie Fergusson (daughter of Richard) is a Sales Advisor and also does marketing and many other things to help keep the office running smoothly. She rescued a Rottweiler called Bonnie in June 2014. Bonnie is the sweetest and most loving dog, she could easily change anyone’s mind on the breed and has a huge fan club now.

Briony is in charge of the e-commerce for the company and is also a Sales Advisor. At home she has two lovely dogs, a brindle border collie called Fenny and a border collie cross called Todd. In her spare time she volunteer’s and foster’s for a local dog rescue and loves to horse ride when she get’s the chance.

Alessia is a Sales Advisor for Micro-ID. When not working she love’s cooking, walking and spending time with her lovely big black cat Samson. She has him for nearly 4 years; he’s an FIV cat so he stays indoors, but she take’s him for regulars walks every evening.  He weigh’s over 8kg and he loves to be cuddled. She also has a monkey called Sean (Don’t tell him she called him that though).

Jenny joined our team as a Sales Advisor in August 2013 having worked in sales for the past 14 years! Jenny has two dogs; Spangle the (spoilt) Springer Spaniel and Honey the (chunky, but active) Bassett Hound. She also has two cats; Millie the half feral little madam and Whisper the ultra friendly tom.

Dawn is our Accounts Administrator and loves to spoil office dog, Ozzie. She has a very cheeky monkey at home AKA her son Jack and two lovely kittens called Harry and Russ.

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