Top 10 Cat Myths Answered


Everyone in their right mind knows that some cat myths are clearly a little nuts. Like, if a black cat walks towards you it means good luck, but if it walks on a ship it’s doomed to sink during its next voyage. The superstitions are part of folklore, but there are also plenty of common…

10 Reasons Why You Should Own a Dog


Maybe you’re considering getting your first canine friend or perhaps you’re a seasoned dog lover anyway. Either way, it’s important to recognise how these animals play a part in bettering our lives and our communities. These 10 reasons will either have you running to get that first dog or squeezing the ones you already own:…

10 Tips for Bathing Your Cat


Although your kitty may seem to have grooming well in hand, or tongue, there are times where you need to lend a bit of help to ensure full cat cleanliness. Here are some basics that can make a cat bath less traumatic for all involved. 1. Collect your supplies Be sure that you have all…

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