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Maybe you’re considering getting your first canine friend or perhaps you’re a seasoned dog lover anyway. Either way, it’s important to recognise how these animals play a part in bettering our lives and our communities. These 10 reasons will either have you running to get that first dog or squeezing the ones you already own:


1) They help keep you in shape

Because dogs need to be walked each day, their owners have to come along too. This gives you the option to walk or run depending on the type of dog you have. Even just walking daily will keep you in better shape.

2) You’ll be able to unwind easier

At the end of a long day, you’ve returned home and are still feeling stressed out about work. But once you see your dog, all of that melts away. Merely having a dog around has been shown to reduce stress levels in humans.


3) Dogs might help stop your child from developing eczema

A study conducted by Elsevier Health Sciences in 2010 showed that children with dog allergies who lived with a dog may have a reduced risk of developing eczema by the time they reach 4 years of age. Cat owners who have cat allergies, on the other hand, are 13 times more likely to develop the skin condition within their first year.


4) You’ll have companionship

Because dogs are pack animals, they enjoy being faithful companions to their owners. With them around, you’ll never have to worry about feeling lonely.


5) They teach responsibility

Having a dog isn’t unlike having a child. They must be fed regularly and taken for walks, as well as monitored for healthy bodies. These simple tasks help to teach people of all ages how to be more responsible by caring for something else.


6) They help people recover from difficult experiences

It’s not well-known, but dogs have been used to help soldiers recover from PTSD. In addition, they can help anyone recover quicker after a tragic or life-changing experience.


7) You might just meet your next date

Dog owners talk. And, because dog owners like to get to know each other, you’ll often find yourself chatting to a fellow hound lover at the park or out on the street. It’s an age old way to meet that next date: adopt a dog!


8) You can show off your personality

Because dogs come in all shapes and sizes, you’ll be able to find the exact one that represents who you are. Want one that’s tough and brawny looking? A Bulldog might be for you. Maybe you want to look more refined? An Italian Greyhound might be a good choice. There really is almost no end to the breeds available so you’re sure to find the right one for you.


9) Becoming more sociable won’t be so difficult

If you’re like many people, socialising might seem like a chore. It can often be challenge to discover activities that others enjoy as much as you. But owning a dog gives you the chance to attend popular events for dog owners. Whether it’s a formal club or just some friends who meet up so their dogs can play together, you’ll have plenty of chances to have fun too.


10) You’ll go outside more often

Finally, dogs are outside animals. Although they can live comfortably inside, dogs like to be out and about, which means you’ll find yourself spending more time outside enjoying nature too.