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If there is one argument that separates pet owners, it’s this one. While many of us are happy to care for both, many animal lovers have their feet firmly planted in one camp or another. With this in mind, let’s take a look at 10 reasons why so many pooch pamperers believe that the canine is mightier than the kitty:


1. They keep us active

People who have dogs are more likely to clip on a leash and take a walk with their canine best friend. Some studies have shown that dog owners are more than twice as likely to get thirty or more minutes of activity a day than those who do not own one. Even the elderly manage to log more miles of walking when they have a dog. A cat is not a walking companion, providing no motivation for us to exercise.


2. They keep us social

When out on those walks with the pups we are much more likely to interact with others. We comment on each other’s animals and enjoy their escapades. Through them we are able to form bonds with our family and friends. They make us chuckle and encourage us to share information with each other. Cats can encourage some human interaction but dogs are more often our companions when we are out so they encourage interaction more. Our feline friends are often only friendly when their stomachs tell them to be.


3. They can sense problems

Dogs have what is sometimes termed a ‘sixth sense’ that can be very beneficial for their owners and even other animals. Some service dogs are paired with people who suffer from seizures because they can sense an episode happening ahead of time and forewarn their owner of the danger. Research has also shown that dogs can sniff out diseases such as cancer too. While cats may have the same ability, little practical evidence exists.


4. They can be trained

Although cats can learn some tricks, they truly are interested in performing only when it meets their needs, with some exceptions. Dogs, on the other hand, are usually very interested in pleasing their humans, and can be successfully trained to do a number of things that are either helpful or just plain entertaining. Dogs have a long history of acting as service or therapy animals, and are also used in some cultures to carry and haul items. When was the last time you saw a guide cat?


5. They protect their humans

Even if all they do is sound an alarm, dogs are typically interested in keeping their humans from harm. They will bark at intruders and even attack if they sense danger. Cats are much more likely to hide and run from danger, or simply ignore odd or troubling events.


6. They bond with their humans

Dogs and humans have been sharing their lives for at least 12,000 years. They have developed a relationship that is similar in some ways to a parent and child. Cats have only been domesticated for about half that time, and some researchers feel they are only semi-domesticated, associating with humans solely as a food source.


7. They come in different shapes and sizes

With some variations, cats come in a roughly similar size. Rarely do they evidence more than a difference in hair length or colour and some discrepancy in eye hues. Dogs range from teacup size up to mammoth breeds that are over seven stones in weight. They can have a wide range of temperaments and abilities while cats tend to be aloof in their treatment of humans.


8. They are constant and loyal

Although cats can be cuddly and seem affectionate, they also seem mainly interested in living parallel lives with their owners. Dogs are almost always eager to greet you and like to spend time with their owners, helping greatly if you are feeling down or depressed.


9. Dogs can help with allergies

Dog hair has been shown to help some children develop better defences to asthma and other immune system reactions. Choosing a breed with hypoallergenic coat is essential if this is a benefit that you would like from ownership.


10. They do not have a litter tray

Dogs take their toileting outside once trained, while cats need constant maintenance of a litter box or tray system. Even though the owner needs to be vigilant when walking the dog and bears the responsibility to clean up, cats can create a pungent odour inside the home.


So there you have it, 10 reasons why dogs are better than cats! Do you agree or disagree?