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Even though cats are better at entertaining themselves than dogs, it is still a good idea to give them a few different forms of amusement to keep them happy. This provides a good outlet for their natural curiosity and can stop destructive behaviour such as scratching furniture. The following seven forms of entertainment are often found to be particularly effective at keeping cats amused.

1. Torches and laser pointers

Cats love to try and catch things, including the light made from torches and laser pointers. Pointing this light at a wall can help keep your cat’s mind active. This can also be a good source of entertainment for you as well, just keep the laser out of their eyes, obviously.

2. Fish tank

Cats will enjoy watching fish as they swim around in their tank and will often appear mesmerised by the underwater world in front of them. As long as they can’t actually get to the fish, or knock the tank over, then there is no problem with them spending time in front of a fish tank.

3. Remote control toys

Remote control toys that cats can chase will provide them with hours of entertainment. It also helps to keep them active, as they will chase the toy in all directions and all around the room. There is no need to buy expensive toys as they might not last long once your cat has got hold of it.

4. Boxes and paper bags

Cats will spend long periods of time playing with boxes and paper bags. They like the rustling of the paper as they play with it and they also enjoy sitting in boxes. You may have found in the past that when you have bought them a present, they have spent more time playing with the packaging than the toy itself – just like your kids!

5. Fishing toys

Toys that they can grab hold of as you dangle them in front of them on a fishing line are also a favourite amongst cats. You can make your own toys of this type quite easily, but you will need to make sure that you do not use anything with fibres that shed.

6. Scratching posts

Cats scratch things so that their claws do not get too long. If you provide them with a scratching post then they may be less likely to scratch things that they shouldn’t, such as your furniture.

7. Cat climbing frames

These are similar to scratch posts, but often have a number of platforms and places for the cat to hide. If there is anywhere soft on the frame, then you may also find that your cat uses this as a place to sleep.

Whilst some of these forms of entertainment will require your involvement, others mean that your cat can be left to its own devices. This can be very useful if your cat needs to stay inside for some reason when you will be out of the house for a prolonged period. We all want our pets to be happy and providing them with fun and exciting things to do will keep them active and entertained resulting in a far happier moggy.